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Train With Susan - Exercise & Fitness

Susan Fink
Los Angeles, CA 90035

About Business

I provide personalized fun and full fitness training for adults 50 years and over. Workouts are fun and take in account any physical limitations the client has such as arthritic knees and frozen shoulders, all to enhance their personal, health, and fitness goals. I work with clients of all abilities including those with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. I continue to take classes to keep up with the latest trends in fitness for the older adult and issues related to brain health. This information is related to my clients in person and in bi weekly enewsletters. I also network with others working with older adults keeping up to date with issues that can affect anyone in this age group such as elder abuse, safety modifications that can be made in the home, and how to manage their medication.

I work with my clients both in their homes and in my own purpose-built studio. My goal is to guide and educate my clients to enjoy and appreciate the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle for their minds, bodies, and spirit. I help my clients acquire the individualized tools they need to attain their fitness goals, make positive changes in their lifestyles, discover movements and activities that spark passion and joy, and feel motivated and equipped to exercise comfortably and capably on their own.

After an initial consultation (usually started on the phone and completed in person), an individualized program is created.




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