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DOWNEY, CA 90242

About Business

LUXX Properties, Inc.

LUXX Properties, Inc. is a local Southern California real estate investment company nestled between Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  LUXX Properties, Inc. has been in business since 2014 and have 20 years of real estate and financial industry experience. 

A word from John-Michael Mendoza...

Hello - Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you.  I’ve built my business on the foundation of serving others through real estate.   Striving to build my business through relationships, I believe quality is more important than quantity. Giving my utmost service, combined with knowledge and experience, is my goal with every family I serve as a real estate investor. We purchase properties for ALL CASH in AS-IS condition with no feesno closing fees and we close on your timeline, all while saving the family valuable time and money so you can focus on caring for their loved one

Growing up in the shadow of Los Angeles, both parents immigrants to the United States, they both worked hard to provide me & my siblings a great childhood full of wonderful memories and experiences. We eventually settled in the small suburb of Downey, CA in the Late 80’s. After graduating college and working in the private sector, the opportunity presented itself to work full-time real estate investment professional, so I took the bull by the horns and never looked back. While the early years proved to be quite a rough ride navigating and acquainting myself with the ‘ins and outs’ of the business, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it! The experience I have gained over two decades in the business has led to an abundance of invaluable knowledge and wisdom, especially the last six years as a real estate investor. 

We are a Certified Buyer & Senior Transition Specialist!

NOW, let's focus on you...because it's not about me, IT'S ABOUT YOU!  I purchase properties of all types and from all types of people for ALL CASH and in AS-IS condition. That being said, I especially love helping families who find themselves with an elderly mother or father or relative who needs to transition from independent living to dependent living. I found that most of the time, when I buy a home I'm actually helping a family transition their elderly loved one from independent living to dependent living.  That is why I've focused my business on the helping families and professionals in the Senior Care Industry. I myself went through the experience of transitioning my father to dependent living and I had no one to help me understand the pitfalls of Medicare, Medical/Medicaid, financial obligations and everything else that came along with it. If you find yourself in this scenario, contact me today. 


 See the three easy steps below to sell your house FAST, for ALL CASH and in AS-IS condition and Start working with us today. 

Step 1. Fill Out The Form

Simply Fill Out The Form. The Process Is Started. We'll Handle The Rest. 

Step 2. Make an Appointment with LUXX Properties - A Mom's House Certified Buyer

Make an appointment for us to come see the house. 

Step 3. Receive Your All Cash Offer

Receive your AS-IS ALL CASH OFFER.

Pay No Fees/Commissions. 

No Closing Costs. 

No Showing the Property to the Public. 

No cleaning or clearing out the 'stuff'.  

AND....Close on your timeline! 

AND.....lastly, take your valuable time to Provide and Care for your loved one!!!

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